"For the sake of our children let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability."
– Shinichi Suzuki

Augsburg Suzuki Talent Education

auste-youthLocated adjacent to downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, Augsburg Suzuki Talent Education was founded in 1989 under the leadership of Nancy Lokken. Since that beginning it has been recognized nationally and internationally for its quality of teaching, development of musicianship in performance, and the established community among the families. Teaching is centered on Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy that “every child can be educated.” ASTE’s enrollment includes a range of preschool beginners to teenagers in advanced concerto repertoire.

The ASTE Parent Organization strives to support program activities which benefit the students.

The Augsburg Suzuki Talent Education was founded in 1989 at the invitation from professors of the Music Department of Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN. ASTE is based out of Augsburg University, where our students have a unique experience to be on a college campus and experience the environment of higher education. With the increased growth of the program, ASTE also uses facilities at other sites for group classes and some private lessons. The program is dedicated to maintain an environment of community and support between parents, students, and teachers and to develop each student to his or her highest potential. Children as young as three years old may begin lessons. They learn to play by using a repertoire of fine music carefully chosen by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki for the sequential development of musical and technical skills. To assure success, teachers and parents guarantee that children master one step at a time. Daily parental involvement nurtures motivation. The most important single ingredient for success is the parent’s willingness to devote time to work closely with their child and teacher. Prior to beginning a child in the program, parents attend orientation sessions designed to give them a better understanding of the spirit in which learning takes place, and to enhance their understanding of the Suzuki philosophy. The parents of all students are united in an organization that supports the program.

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