"For the sake of our children let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability."
– Shinichi Suzuki

Group Lessons

Weekly group lessons reinforce the skills introduced in the private lessons. Students have the opportunity to enjoy playing music together, learn how to follow a leader, how to be a leader, and experience the art of ensemble playing. Group lessons are divided by age and book level according to the sequence of Suzuki repertoire and advanced literature.

When asked what they love about the group lesson experience, one parent noted: “The sense of community and support within the group, and the strong commitment to celebrating every kid’s achievements.”

Along with Learning With Love, Developing With Confidence, and Sharing Music With Joy, a Sense of Community is another key component to our program and what makes us unique: “The program has provided a wonderful community and positive social skills; fine motor and body control skills; focus and cooperation and direction following skills; and understanding of hard work and reward and self confidence in her abilities,” describes one parent.

While several students say they enjoy “playing games and having fun,” there’s more to Group Lessons students enjoy: “I like playing music out of the repertoire, along with learning more about the composers,” notes a current student.

“I get to observe group lessons and see twelve teenagers who genuinely care about each other laughing, working hard, and believing in themselves.” – Current ASTE Parent