"For the sake of our children let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability."
– Shinichi Suzuki

String Orchestra & Chamber Music

Students who have mastered a foundation for music reading will participate in String Orchestra to learn the skills of how to follow a conductor, play as a section, and increase their sight reading ability.

Chamber music participants work with a coach who guides them through the literature and teaches them about style, communication, and listening skills.

What’s the difference between String Orchestra and Chamber Music?

Traditionally, chamber music is a small number of musicians who can play together in a small setting such as a room or palace chamber. Chamber music has earned the nickname “ the music of friends” due to its intimate setting.

In comparison, a string orchestra consists of a variety of stringed instruments (violin, viola, and cello), each playing different parts in a larger setting.