"For the sake of our children let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability."
– Shinichi Suzuki

Private Lessons

private lessonsWeekly private lessons are where student’s individual skills are introduced and refined. During the lesson, the parent learns how to be the “home teacher” – learning the tips and techniques to strengthen technical skills and nurture the student during home practice.

In addition to private lessons, constant repetition is essential in the learning and development for any instrument. Practice at home between each lesson is expected. As incentive, at each solo recital special acknowledgement is awarded for students who practice 100 days in a row. There are students who have received ribbons for over 500 days of daily practice.  The important goal is to set up a habit and discipline.

“The program has given our family the gift of music in our home!”, notes a current parent. “The program builds great character, high levels of excellence in music studies, confidence in a lifelong skill, and a community of supportive families.”

Another parent says, “I’ve seen how ASTE offers layers of support to students and parents and I wish any young student could grow up and learn within this environment. There aren’t any cracks to fall through with this kind of support.”

“I have learned that consistency is key. My teacher shows up for me every week, always wanting the best for me. With her being consistent, it makes me want to show up and show her a good weeks work.”
– Current student

private lesson
private lessons