Ellie LeRoux

Violin / Chamber Music Coach / SAA Teacher Trainer

Suzuki Association of the Americas Teacher Trainer

Ellie Albers LeRoux is a SAA teacher trainer and has worked with students and teachers throughout the U.S. Beginning her career in the Chicago area, she next taught in Colorado for 30 years. Ellie comes to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area after 11 years in Hawaii, where she started a Suzuki program in a private K-12 school.

Ellie received her BA from DePaul University, where she started her life-long Suzuki training with Betty Haag and private cello lessons with Gilda Barston. She did graduate work under John Kendall, met and studied with Dr. Suzuki both in the U.S. and in Japan. Other influential teachers have been James Maurer and Doris Preucil.

Ellie raised her 4 children in the Suzuki philosophy, beginning at an early age and either taught or practiced with them for many years. She has also trained students on cello and viola setting up their foundation, has taught reading and coached many ensembles.

The author of Fantastic Fiddle Form, A Comprehensive Guide to Violin Position, she also composed a cd of whimsical tunes emphasizing posture. Ellie has compiled extensive teaching manuals as well.

Ellie loves to swim, run, paddle, do yoga, read and write and is in the editing stages of her biographical book about spiritual insights.

“I am still learning and growing. Children keep me young and on my toes. They are beautiful, magical, and sincere. Their smiles and trust are precious gifts. I so appreciate the opportunity to witness their fun-filled natures, their growth and confidence, and their love of music. I am thrilled and delighted to be a part of the Augsburg Suzuki family!”